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        The Happy Life of Couple Li Fuhua and Yudron

        Situated near the convergence of the Nyangchu and Thanchu Rivers in Shigatse, Chakar Village seems an altogether !tting home for a married couple of di$erent ethnicities.

        They merged their lives here nearly two decades ago. The woman, whose name is Yudron, is a native of Chakar, which is located in Norkyung Township in Shigatses Bainang County. Her husband, Li Fuhua, is from Hualong County in Qinghai Province, more than 2,000 kilometers away.

        Like the confluence of the rivers, the couples unionshe is Tibetan and he is Hanmirrors the harmony between ethnic groups commonly found in the Xizang Autonomous Region.

        In the early 2000s, Li came to work at a construction site near Yudrons home. That was where they met and fell in love.

        My parents worried at !rst that our marriage would not last long because he was from a place so far away, and our cultural backgrounds were quite di$erent, Yudron said. After living together for years, however, we have learned how to be inclusive and respect one another.

        The pair married in 2004 over the initial objections of the brides mother and father. I convinced them by promising that we would never leave each other, she said...

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        Text by White Yak

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