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        From Spotted to Spotless

        In high summer, walking close to Beijing New Village situated in Karup of Chamdo City within the Xizang Autonomous Region( a.k.a. the Tibet Autonomous Region or Tibet), a picturesque landscape presents itself to the delight of all visitors. The panorama is a testimony to the works of Tao Yuanming, a famous writer of old who wrote of a dreamlike paradise. The land is flat and vast, and houses in rows appear neatly intersected with fertile farming fields and forests, while roads intersect one another and form an easy-access transportation network. The surrounding livestock are either peacefully grazing or frolicking with one another in the open expanse. Nowadays, such a paradise can be found in every nook and cranny of eastern Tibet thanks to a residential environmental improvement campaign in Chamdo meant to make sure these dreams can become a reality for the people of the land.

        In recent years, Chamdo City placed great importance on the improvement  of residential environments in rural areas by making such an endeavor one of the three cornerstone tasks for local communities. The city started tackling villages hygienic issues via various sanitation campaigns. This has resulted in a comprehensive shift in village, so much that it seems that someone merely pushed a makeover button...

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        (Text & Photo by Wan Hui)

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