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        Looking from the high ground in downtown Lhoka, the Yarlung Zangbo River can be seen from afar. The golden sandy land along the river is covered with a large stretch of woods. The leaves are so lush, the river so mighty, and the mountains in the distance so picturesque that any observer would feel as if time had stood still.

        Elderly locals often marvel at the woods, How beautiful these trees are, and theyre actually real! Three decades ago, no one believed that trees planted in

        the sand would last long.

        Back then, due to its high altitude, arid climate, frequent windstorms, and sandy soil, exposed sand dunes could be seen everywhere on the banks of

        the Yarlung Zangbo River in Lhoka. To control wind erosion, people along the river took the initiative to plant trees. However, despite their best efforts, few survived. As a result, the banks were seen by some as an inhospitable area for afforestation...

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        (Text by Shi Jinru)

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