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        Tibet Jebumgang Lhakhang Architectural Renovation Art Exhibition opened

        The first cultural and artistic space transformed from an ancient building in Tibet has been "moved" from Tibet to Chongqing.

        Jebumgang Lhakhang was first built in the second half of the 19th century, following the structure of the most representative Tibetan-style three-dimensional mandala.


        From the ancient architecture to the modern public art space, this "first in Tibet" transformation process has attracted wide attention from the academic circle.

        The exhibition connects Tibet's geography and peoples belief concepts with the protective renovation of Jebumgang Lhakhang as a thread.

        The carved pillars of the Qing Dynasty, which were replaced during the renovation, were specially transported from Lhasa. Together with the architectural renovation models, renovation component samples, lighting objects, etc., the exhibition is an immersive restoration of the history and texture of the ancient art center.

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